Monday, November 17, 2008

ACTH Stimulation Test

I took Hunter back to GVS on November 12 for the ACTH Stimulation Test. He again had to fast from the night before. This time he only stayed for two hours. I had noticed that there had been a drastic decrease from his drinking water on the 9th. I had a gallon jug and would fill it to the half gallon mark. Some days Hunter would drink a little over a half gallon of water.

The cost of this test was $160. I had sent a syringe of insulin, but since he wouldn’t eat, they didn’t give it to him. They took a glucose reading and it was in the 400’s, which was not so bad since the last time he had had his shot was at 8:30 the previous night.

We got the result of this test the next day and it showed Hunter was in the range where the doctor wanted him to be. I was very relieved since I’ve read where some dogs don’t respond to Lysodren. I was also concerned that we may have to do a second dosing.

Tomorrow, November 18, Hunter starts his maintenance dose. The doctor said he has seen better results in halfing the maintenance dose, instead of giving it all at once. Since Hunter’s dose is 1 ¼ pills, I will give him ¾ of a pill tomorrow and two days later, I’ll give him ½ a pill. After four weeks on his maintenance schedule I’ll take him back for another ACTH test to see if he’s still in the good range.

On November 19th, we’ll take another glucose curve and see where his numbers are at. He’s still taking 21 units, twice a day. I’m hoping his numbers have improved.

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that he’s getting around the house better and not running into walls too much. He’s walking more cautiously. I also started lightly yanking the leash up when we’re getting ready to step up onto the patio, which seems to help him a bit more. Because of finances, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to afford removing his cataracts. I was hoping we would be able to and I’m still trying to figure out a way that we can. We still haven’t sold anything at our online jewelry store, which would certainly help, but I’m still hopeful.