Saturday, January 31, 2009

Disposal of Lysodren

My oldest daughter has a rare disorder called Ehlers Danlos. I’ll never forget what our family doctor said, that I’ll find I’ll know more about Ehlers than so-called “experts.” Dr. McCutchen was right, and I have been reminded about his statement in doing research on canine Cushing’s.

I’m in the process of writing a review of things that went wrong with diagnosing Hunter. There were signs and symptoms of Cushing’s years before he was finally diagnosed. I firmly believe that if Hunter had been correctly diagnosed and treated for Cushing’s three to four years ago, we could have avoided him getting worse and it leading to diabetes.

However, this is instructions about disposing of Lysodren. Remember, this is a drug used for chemotherapy and is extremely toxic. You can’t simply just throw it away. I called Walmart, which is where I purchased it and asked if I could bring it back and have them dispose of it. The pharmacist, for whatever reason, instructed me to try and dispose of it at our veterinary office. If I was unable to do that, they would dispose of it.

I called my vet’s office and the receptionist was going to find out if any local shelters could use what was left, which was 12 pills. If not, they had a toxic waste disposal. So, please check with your vet’s office or the pharmacy where you purchased Lysodren and have it disposed of safely.