Saturday, December 6, 2008


I mentioned the other day that Hunter has been playing more. For the past few nights, after dinner, he gets one of his four stuffed toys and brings them to Vivian. She’ll be sitting on the sofa and he’ll put his toy up on the edge of the cushion. He wants her to flip the toy in the air. He used to play like this when he could see. Although, he usually would get tired out easily and would pant. We feel he probably had the beginnings of Cushings then. We’ve learned that besides the obsessive water drinking and eating, panting is also a sign of Cushings. Since he’s been regulated, he’s only panted once or twice.

It was so much fun watching him play. Apparently each toy has a different smell because he would pass the others by until he found the right one. Last night he played with his red bow and he found it each time. Vivian would praise him when he found it and brought it back to her. You could tell he was having a great time. He played for about 10 to 15 minutes, which was the longest we’ve seen him play in a long time. It was wonderful.